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WRAPPEX Soap Wrapping Machine

The WRAPPEX family is the natural development of our continuous activity in the soap packaging equipment. After 400 projects done in the last 25 years we got great expertise specially in the soap wrappers.
The WRAPPEX family has been developed on a very flexible design based on the intermittent motion: such choice is dictated by the will to offer an user-friendly unit where the size change-over is a simple and quick operation.
This wrapper is oriented to medium-size lines where it is necessary to change-over every few days.
The WRAPPEX is suitable to wrap both rectangular and oval bars with or without side band at a speed range from 120 to 240 wpm.
The paper feeding is from reel of Heat Sealing Paper or BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) with the option to use pre-cut sheets from magazine.
The wrapping style is double-point end fold.

soap wrapping machine


• in-line infeed with rotary suction-cup group with 4 (Wrappex/120 & 180) or 8 stations (Wrappex/240)
• two reel holders for outer wrap (one for the Wrappex/120)
• two reel holders for inner stiffener (one for the Wrappex/120)
• servo-driven infeed of both outer wrap and stiffener, all models
• servo-driven “two-directions” print regi-stration system, all models
• outlet suitable for heat-sealable paper and BOPP (standard only on the Wrappex/240)
• PLC based electronic panel, all models
• various additional options are available

The family consists of several models:
WRAPPEX/120: it can wrap oval and rectangular soap bars and has all the same basic features of the other models with a maximum speed of 120 wpm.
WRAPPEX/180: it recalls a world-wide well-known wrapper, these are the features:
• maximum speed is 180 wpm
• 4 suction-cup rotary turret
• reciprocating upper “comb”
• outlet for heat-sealable paper, BOPP option
WRAPPEX/240: it is an improved version of the basic model and can reach more than 240 wpm, the major novelties are:
• indexed upper chain to convey the wrapped bars to the outlet
• Indexed multiple pliers for the paper feed
WRAPPEX/L: it is a special version for extremely large and thick soap bars (i.e. laundry soap up to 600 grams).
WRAPPEX/120R & WRAPPEX/180R: these are simpler versions for wrapping rectangular soap bars. The infeed is by simple flat belt conveyor; the outfeed is by simple pusher.


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