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•1934 - "CARLO SALA" is founded by Carlo Sala, Piero and Carlo Mariani's Grandfather. Design and production of "SERENIA", "MIGNON", "TIGRE" soap stamping machines.
•1964 - the company name is changed to "SAS MARIANI" by Tommaso Mariani, Piero and Carlos' Father.
•1968 - "CONDOR" the world's first "multi-cavity & Flashstamping" soap press is introduced.
•1988 - Piero & Carlo join the company and take control.
•1990's - Development of soap finishing line and soap packaging equipment.
•1994 - SAS moves to a new plant.
•1999 - Introduction of the "STAMPEX" family of flashstamping soap presses.
•2001 - Design of drying plants and expansion to soap plants.
•2002 - Development of the special all-purpose "TRANSAVON" soap plodders and translucent soap finishing lines.
•2004 - Further increase of business of used soap equipment servicing.
•2006 - Introduction of two models of electronic soap cutters (Easycut, Savoncut/e).
•2007 - Development of continuous Saponification Plant using the JET.
•2008 - Turnover reached 6 millions Euro.
•2010 - Plant expansion of 1,200 square meters (Total: 3,200 square meters).
•2012 - Turnover reached 9 millions Euro.
•2013 - Development of "WRAPPEX" toilet soap wrapper.

2014 - Development of the PACKSAVON soap wrapper for all the rectangular or slightly oval soap bars.

2014 - supplied the 50th soap process plant.
2015 - Turnover exceeded 10 millions Euro for the first time.
2015 - Introduction of the innovative “FLEXi” family of soap plodders developed from the “TRANSAVON” design.
2015 - Acquisition of the technology of GUERZE world leader for soap Pleat Wrappers and Stretch-Film Wrappers.
2015 - Supplied the 400th electronic soap cutter (Unicut, Easycut, Savoncut).
2005-2015 Development of “non-soap” technologies: equipment for rim-blocks, cheese, anchovies.
2016 - Supplied the 400th soap packaging machine.
2016 - Supplied the 100th soap finishing line.
2016 - Supplied the 400th flashstamping soap press (Condor, Stampex etc).
2016 - Development of the SAVONPACK soap bunlding machine.
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