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The Shampoo Bars or Solid Shampoos are the novel answer to the increasing need of the environment protection: they are plastic-free, do not need preservatives and are concentrated.

SAS MARIANI is very attentive to the development of the new cleansing products and since few years collaborated with leading companies for the supply of solid shampoo making machines for production of shampoo bars and cosmetics, since the conventional lines for the production of regular toilet soap are not suitable to assure good quality and acceptable production efficiency. We therefore developed special solid shampoo bars making machines and equipment for solid shampoo.
The Solid Shampoo manufacturing in a Shampoo Bar Finishing Line is best obtained with:
  • Over-dimensioned and jacketed Double-Arm Sigma Mixer preferably with a built-in extruding pelletizer studied to mix SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) or other surfactants typically used in shampoo bars manufacturing with emulsifying ingredients and other additives.
  • Roll-Mill, useful in case that the base has hard particles to reduce in granulometry
  • Duplex Vacuum Plodder suitable for syndet materials, that is twin-screw on top and our special FLEXi stage on bottom for a very compact extrusion and a fine temperature control obtained also with turboflow units. Screws should be thermoregulated and made of stainless steel (see FLEXI page for more details).
  • Single-blade cutter with hot blade kit for sticky products, like solid shampoo bars.
  • Special flash-stamping soap stamping machine CONDOR. We offer a UNIQUE stamping process which has important advantages compared to the typical flash-stamping stampers thanks to the positive infeed and thanks to the very accurate extraction and separation of flashings of the soft shampoo bars (see the CONDOR page for more details). The material and design of the solid shampoo moulds should be studied for sticky products.
  • Automatic cartoners with alternate motion and kits for sticky shampoo bars.
As a general rule, the solid shampoo bar is a syndet (synthetic detergent) bar but few features are specific such as:
  • Different and differentiated formulations adapted to the chemistry of the hair, this means different and in general milder surfactants and various additional ingredients.
  • Different shapes: while the typical syndet bars tend to have parallelepipedal shapes, the preferred shapes for the shampoo bars are oval and round.
  • Different packaging machines, the preferred presentation is the carton box.
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