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We at SAS detected the increasing demanding customer’s needs for improved product presentation and integration of finishing and packaging processes.
We are the only company that can supply a solution to any packaging need of a soap industry. After having supplied many fully rebuilt soap packaging machines of several European brands, we are on the market with mainly brand-new machines, namely:
  • SOAP PAPER WRAPPERS: SAS has the most complete selection of soap wrappers: the low-speed Packsavon family answers to the needs of high-quality, the Wrappex family offers the most flexible wrappers in the world, the Paper/500 is the answer for the high-speed needs. Many of these models can use, when requested, pre-cut sheets from magazine, normal paper with the Hot-Melt glue application system, bi-oriented poly-propylene (BOPP)
  • SOAP FLOW WRAPPERS: The “FLOWER” family offers medium-speed and high-speed wrappers complete with SAS Soap Feeders or Direct Transfers.
  • PLEAT & STRETCH SOAP WRAPPERS: Unique world-leading technology recently acquired from GUERZE.
  • SOAP CARTONERS: Various Italian brands completed with our Soap Feeders.
  • SOAP BUNDLERS: Savonpack soap bundler that we offer in customized versions in order to meet all the various standards (multiple layers, on-edge tripacks, etc.).
  • CASE PACKERS: We offer vertical and horizontal solutions with American cartons plus Wrap-Around Units with open cartons.
The soap packaging machines need expert operators and maintenance; fine tuning and assistance are seldom required specially when starting a new project. Our AFTER-SALE SERVICE is prepared to assist for start-ups on site and remote assistance.
SAS Mariani
via Toscanini 46
Tel: +39 0362 239988
VAT n° IT02202570962
SAS Mariani, via Toscanini 46, 20831 SEREGNO - ITALY
Tel: +39 0362 239988  -  VAT n° IT02202570962
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