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We supply three models of Automatic Soap Flow Wrapping Machines (Horizontal Wrapper) suitable to operate up to 350 wpm complete of automatic in-line Soap Feeder.
The “FLOWER” horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine is suitable to wrap soap bars (stamped soap bars or just cut soap bars), using the wrapping material: BOPP (Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene) from reel (max: 50 microns).
Soap Feeder is an unit suitable to transfer soap bars coming from the cutter or press, in single line, into the flow-wrapper. It consists of:
  • One horizontal connecting belt conveyor driven by a Servo Motor
  • One driven horizontal slow-speed belt conveyor driven by a Servo Motor
  • One pair of belt conveyors (one top + one bottom) driven by two Servo Motors.
Thanks to the Electric Axis by an electronic absolute encoder, this unit transfers the incoming soap bars into the Infeed Conveyor properly timed with the pushers, i.e. the soap bars are fed in between two pushers.
Speed range is from 100 to 350 packed soaps per minute.
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