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A Soap Plodder is an extruder with features suitable for the soap manufacture. In the years the soap plodders became longer and longer. The L/D ratio (barrel length on diameter) increased from 2.5:1 to 4 and even 5:1. A longer machine generates higher working pressures thus allows the use of finer refining screens so that a single stage of more recent plodders gives more refining than the one of old plodders.

We further increased the L/D ratio and created a novel plodder, the FLEXi. The FLEXi is a development of our Transavon family which we first designed for the translucent soap production. The field experiences indicated to us the key factors for a powerful and FLEXible plodder, namely:
1. Over-sized feeding section (COMBO-SCREW)
2. Over-sized compressing section (COMBO-SCREW)
3. Two refining stages per single FLEXi section (DOUBLE REFINING)
4. In-line possibility to adjust the refining amount (SHEARING PLATE)

Thanks to such concepts a SIMPLEX FLEXi REFINER is equivalent to a Duplex conventional Refiner and a SIMPLEX PLODDER with cone is equivalent to a Duplex conventional Plodder.


The Combo-Screw allows proper noodle feeding and an extraordinary raise of process pressure up to 100 bars without too much cavitation. Such pressure allows the soap to pass through not only one but two refining stages.

These features are possible thanks to its innovative design with two diameters and an intermediate conical section.
Additionally the Combo-Screw allows a very wide rotational speed variation (from 5 to 50 rpm) and a very efficient heat-exchange.


As a general concept, the refining in the passage of the processed soap through a refining screen. The screen, being fine, must be supported by a plate to hold the pressure drop and such plate is drilled to allow the soap passage.
A short screw can generate pressures such as 20 to 30 bars and such pressure drop is suitable to allow the soap refining. This is why a conventional section of a refiner can be completed with one refining stage.
Thanks to the very high pressures generated by the COMBO-SCREW, up to 100 bars, a FLEXi section can easily support two refining stages, one down-stream the other. In between the two stages there are some rotary homogenizing blades and a very short re-compacting barrel, so, simple and sturdy parts.

Similar set-up is offered in the final extrusion stage with one full refining section with rotary homogenizing blades and an extrusion cone.

The “ Shearing Plates” group consist of a fixed plate and an adjustable (movable) plate embedded inside the fixed plate. The combined position of the two plates determines the quantity of soap passage hence the level of the working pressure and the degree of refining. Depending on the required soap quality and formulation the operator can choose the proper setting. During production the tool can be successfully used to adjust the process parameters such as soap temperature and, in case of translucent soap, level of translucency.


The majority of our plodders are customized units which are available with different layout combinations, different L/D (length to diameter) ratios, use of various materials, several and customized screw (worm) designs, multiple options and of course are offered in different sizes.

We also propose "Pelletizers", machines designed to transform soap of different size and shape into pellets for an optimal transportation and stocking.

Multi-colored systems are available in solid-liquid and solid-solid variations.

Besides the "conventional" plodders, we can offer the special TRANSAVON plodders with unique features, like the long L/D ratio "combo-screw" and the "milling valve". They are applicable for refining and extruding all types of soap products.

The SAS team is ready to share its expertise in proposing the most suitable plodders for your production requirements.


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