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We started supplying plants only in 2001 and year by year the plants grew as share of our activities.
We had the advantage to choose the most convenient technology based on the assumption that today the industry is changed: food-grade oils and fats are available on the market as well as fractionated ones, glycerine is no more a valuable commodity, care for environment is growing every day.  For this reason the semi-boiled route (soap with inside glycerine) is now widely preferred for new saponification plants. We developed a novel approach to answer such demands. Our mission is to study any solution to reduce the capital expenditure and meantime further reduce the utility consumptions.
We also supply Continuous Saponification Plants for Full-Boiled Soap, with Washing Section to remove the Glycerin from the Neat soap, and Neutralizing Section.

soap vacuum dryer
continuous saponification plant
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