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The SAVONPACK soap bundling machine can be fed with cartoned, wrapped or naked soap bars (and any compatible product) arriving from the upstream machine.

The core machine is of standard, sturdy design and can be completed and customized with different upstream and downstream kits for the suitable combination of operations necessary to obtain the requested soap bundle (multi-pack of soaps).
The soap wrapping material is usually BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) or polyethylene or different plastic films from continuous reel.
A SAVONPACK bundler can be supplied with different versions and options:
  • Straight Version: infeed conveyor in-line with the outlet (S2 or M2 or D2 configuration)
  • 90° version: infeed conveyor orthogonal with the outlet (S1 or M1 or D1 configuration)
  • TWO separately driven Elevating Plates to lift up the required number of soaps
  • Stacking Mechanism for the soap bundles of multi-layers
  • Upender or Water-Fall for the formation of soap bundles with on-edge soap bars (S1 or S2, version A)
  • Dual-Lane Splitter for the formation of bundles with soap bars in different raws
  • Reel-holders at 90° compared with the product outfeed
  • Print Registration Device
  • Sealing station for the longitudinal seal
  • Folding section
  • Outfeed Side-Sealing Station with moving Teflon belts for the double-point end folds

SAVONPACK Soap Bundler
SAVONPACK Soap Bundlers
SAVONPACK Soap Bundling machine
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