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PAPER/500 Soap Wrapping Machine

High speeds require continuous motion: the PAPER/500 wrapper processes the incoming soap bars without stopping them in any phase of the feeding, wrapping and sealing process. This allows the reach of up to 500 wraps per minute meeting the needs of the major soap factories. The superior design of this machine comes from the many experiences that we did when rebuilding existing high speed wrappers and understanding their limits. Thanks to the continuous presence of our company in the soap wrapping machine business we have the necessary expertise not only to manufacture such very powerful machines but also to service them and assure a prompt and positive after-sale service. Now, wrapping at high-speed, thanks to our very attractive prices, is no more a matter for few companies.

high speed soap wrapping machine


  • ONE LANE IN-LINE SOAP FEEDER – It consists of a set of belt conveyors and a set of vacuum suction-cups which pick up, rotate and release the incoming soap bars into a pocketed conveyor. The position of the incoming bar is detected electronically and through an integrated automatic system picked up in a way to guarantee a damage-free transfer of the bar soap through the whole cycle. Height adjustment for size change. The group is driven by the wrapper.
  • OUTER WRAP FEEDER complete with two reel holders. The reel holders are completed with a fully automatic pneumatic core locking system.
  • INNER STIFFENER FEEDER complete two reel holders. The reel holders are completed with a fully automatic pneumatic core locking system.
  • Main WRAPPING AREA consisting of:
  • Outer wrap and stiffener cutting group
  • Timing Belt holding multiple Pincers
  • Timing Belt holding multiple Grippers
  • Fixed and high-speed movable folders
  • SEALING AREA & OUTLET consisting of side belts conveyors with heating elements and cooling elements. The wrapped soap bars are delivered right-side up to the down-stream equipment.
  • ELECTRONIC LINK with upstream stamping machine for Soap Flow Control for maximum operating efficiency and minimum use of the NOFEED-NOWRAP system.
ELECTRIC & ELECTRONIC PANEL complete with Touch Screen, PLC, Servo-Driven motors, etc. and on board installation of various sensors for the following operations:
  • “NO FEED – NO WRAP” automatic operation
  • sealing and cooling belts with independent drive synchronized with the machine. This allows to seal and discharge the wrapped tablets also during machine stops.
  • temperature control system for each individual heating element
  • photocell to detect the soap presence on the pocket conveyor for  “no feed – no wrap” operation
  • device to detect un-proper position of the soap bar on the pocket conveyor with automatic machine stop
  • control device for positive transfer of cut sheets to the wrapping area
  • control device for both outer wrap and product pliers
  • overload system for the back folder in case of product jam
  • overload system on the product pliers in case of product jam against the bottom fixed plate
  • mechanical overload safety device for machine main drive
  • machine design and manufacture following the CE standars
  • Interlocked and ergonomic SAFETY COVERS
  • noise level at 1 mt. distance from machine: less than 78 DbA
  • User friendly changeover with handwheels including:
  • adjustment of the pocketed infeed belt (bottom pocket, front holding belt flight and side guides)
  • adjustment for paper gripper assembly (both axial and longitudinal)
  • height adjustment for paper gripper and product holding and wrapper folding group
  • adjustment for extraction side belts (width and height)
  • width adjustment of sealing-cooling belts

SAS Wrapping machine
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